Saturday, December 5, 2009

Irrewind, 20091205: Humor

Despite the theory that, in person, I'm somewhat of a funny person, I rarely write anything humorous. Occasionally, however, I give it a shot... whether I'm successful or not is not for me to decide. I think everything I write is humorous, even the depressing stuff. But the question remains: can I do funny in print?

"Things You Should Remember When..."
... Waking Up in the Morning After a Night of Drinking

The name of the person you're sleeping next to.

To put on slippers, in case you overslept and the dog couldn't hold it... Read More

"Movie Sequels We All Want to See"
I was talking to a friend the other day and, as usual, the topic of conversation shifted to comic books (we're both comic dorks) and to movies (also both movie geeks). Given the current slate of movies out there, sequels and trilogies came up. And while we agree that... Read More

"Trojan Condoms"
And there I was... staring at the emblem of "America's Most Trusted Condom." And it hit me.

Why name a condom after the Trojans?

As someone who likes to study Classical Greece, I was always under the impression that the... Read More

"Dying Happy, Inc."
Everyone wants to die happy, right? Sure, by "dying happy," people usually mean they want to die having lived a full life, with a strong family and/or most of the goals they set for themselves accomplished... Read More

"Adventures in Alwaysland"
Wake up. Possibly to an alarm clock, or maybe you're one of those assholes who can just get up when you need to via some sort of natural ability inherited from the Swiss. Get out of bed. Possibly slipping on, well, slippers, if you're one of those poor saps living in a cheap studio... Read More


Brian Miller said...

lol. thanks for the chuckles this morning to follow the comic geek link...because i guess i am one of them...

Liza Ursu said...

I like your adventures in alwaysland.
I am one of those assholes.
Were the Swiss involved in the development of my ability?
Beats me(no pun intended of course).

Kate Hanley said...

I have to go with "Yes, you are funny in print." Great stuff, my favorite is the movie sequels we all want to see. Love the Gone With the Wind sequel (it is one of my favorite movies)

Baino said...


Leah said...

These are very funny, and especially loved "Trojan Condoms" (that is inspired!) and "Adventures in Alwaysland."

Bitsy said...

I liked the Movie sequels one, including Geoff's comments. You and Cy together are particularly funny. I wish I could get you guys together to amuse me some more.

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