Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Irresponse, December 2009

Okay, so I've finally decided to start answering some questions and comments that have been presented to me. Maybe I'll do this monthly, and maybe I won't... who knows? I'm a bit erratic when it comes to being productive.

At any rate, I've gone back to when I came over to Blogger (unanswered questions asked prior to that will just have to wait... and probably forever) and picked out a few things to respond to:

From A Kiss by Extension:
  • Q: Dot-Com said... Wow, but I agree with others about the "kill" statement. I doubt it was on his mind :-) 
  • A: Oh, but it most certainly was. Possibly the result of seeing Famke Janssen in Goldeneye one too many times.
From Fearless:
  • Q: Alan Burnett said... Question 1 : "Lords and Kings fall because they are not their fathers. Fathers fail because they do not choose their daughters". Discuss with reference to British history in the period 1400 to 1750. 
  • A: Alan, the former part of that line is not a reference to British history; the latter part is a subtle and indirect nod to Elizabeth and Henry VIII.
From A River in Epirus:
  • Q: Geoff said... Your last two blogs seem to be rather dark, both addressing death. Something you want to tell us? :) 
  • A: Er... death makes for good storytelling? Not that it's good storytelling, just that it makes for good storytelling.
From Battlestar Enterprise, Part II:
  • Q: Yoork said...  I was feeling a Star Wars vibe too, with the incest part. I still have not seen Battle Star Gallactica. Everyone says I must watch. Somehow I can't imagine the plot lines being THIS scandalous?
  • A: Oh, they get pretty silly.
From Oft-Delayed Random Musings:
  • Q: Bill G. said... "Er... never mind... it's only for people drinking ONE glass of wine a day." ?? So what's the size of your glass, and how many per day? 
  • A: Glass? I drink from the bottle!
From Once a Time:
  • Q: willow said... Wow, these would make great lyrics. You should set them to music! Are you musical, as well? 
  • A: Willow, I am musical a tiny bit. Piano, trumpet, and learning guitar. I also scored a short film once, but it was pretty bad.
From Pet Musings: October 12, 2009:
  • Q: e said... I echo the sentiment re: your wandering dogs, and hope your cat stays put. What book are you providing analysis of, she asks curiously??? Also, I've a book recommendation since you've so many friends of the canine and feline variety: Animals Make Us Human by Temple Grandin. Cheers and good luck with the analysis. 
  • A: Actually wound up having to analyze three books: 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Last Picture Show, and Cold Mountain.
From Coldscapes:
  • Q: Ronda Laveen said... So, on occasion, I've read your stories that are similarly echoing Russian spy novels or Bond. Is this a genre you like? Past life? Current life? I'm from the Wonderland and I like to wonder. 
  • A: Pretty much just a genre fan, despite what some think. Ignore those people.
From Things I Did On Thanksgiving:
  • Q: Siobhan said... We don't celebrate thanksgiving in my neck of the woods! Plants vs Zombies, eh?.... What platform is it played on? PC? Xbox? 
  • A: PC. And now, apparently, on iPhone.
From A Dragon in Winter:
  • Q1: Brian Miller said... nice...i like this jeff...so will you be sharing more of it as you continue? 
  • Q2: Wings said... Great writing, and quite epic in scope, eh? How big is this novel? 
  • A: It's possible I'll share more... and, yes, it's intended to be "epic." If it does wind up a novel, it'll be rather large. The posted piece itself is a essentially a summary of the scenes depicted, rather than the full scenes themselves. I'm not a huge fan of long blog posts, so I tried to keep it as short as possible without losing the essence. Or some narcissistic intent such as that. Heh.


Brian Miller said...

nice. i look forward to one day picking up the Dragon novel...and the short film...you gave a nice tease but...

Alan Burnett said...

Thanks for answering the question ... but for the life of me I can't remember asking it. But at least if I can ever work out the meaning of my question I have an answer to hand.

Wings said...

And now we can all sleep better tonight.

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