Sunday, September 24, 2006

Who Reads This Crap?

Apparently, according to a few emails and MySpace messages, my recent blogs have been quite bad. While these complaints don't really bother me, it reinforced my curiosity.

Who reads this crap?

Yes, I blog for all the typical reasons...
A) Bored
B) Feel like a rant
C) Vanity
D) Can't write anything else
E) I like annoying people
F) Why the Hell not?
G) All of the above

But... I'm admittedly irreverent and implicitly irrelevant, so I can only wonder... who really reads this crap? I have a few subscribers, so those zombies are obvious, but who the Hell are the rest of you?

So, I've decided to try to take a survey. I know this is futile as 99% of you won't bother, but screw it, I'm "G) All of the above," remember?

Answer these in a blog comment, if you would...

1) Who the Hell are you?
2) Why do you read this blog?
3) Do you read a lot of blogs?
4) Do you like the word "blog?" (I absolutely hate it)
5) How did you find this blog?
6) Blog, blog, blog, blog, bleh...

Oh, and if you're one of my regular "commenters," don't bother... I know your stupid answers already.


Anonymous said...

You can't take all my fun away like that... This blog, by the way, is better... Much more of your witty self.

1) Jessica Lynn
2) Because it's usually funny and pretty interesting... usually.
3) Nope. Two regularly. Don't you feel special?
4) Eh. It's not chalkboard scratching, but it's not fluffy clouds either.
5) You showed me.
6) I choose bleh.

So there are my "stupid" answers... No Kudos for you.

Posted by Jessica Lynn on September 24, 2006 - Sunday - 1:31 PM

Anonymous said...

1) I'm Me.
2) Why do you write it?
3) No.
4) Sounds like somebody's lunch making an encore appearance.
5) It showed up on my doorstep one morning looking for Jesus, and I took it in.
6) Ok....

"Oh, and if you're one of my regular "commenters," don't bother... I know your stupid answers already."


Posted by Geoffry on September 24, 2006 - Sunday - 2:18 PM

Anonymous said...

I answered 2) in the blog... sigh...

Posted by JeffScape on September 24, 2006 - Sunday - 3:30 PM

Anonymous said...

1) Pepper, your therapist
2) because I worry about you and I think you have beautiful hands
3) no, yours takes up all the blog time I have
4) it's just a word, Jeff
5) fate
6) I still think you could use a massage, a phsycial one, not the emotional ones that I give you

Posted by Pepper on September 26, 2006 - Tuesday - 9:38 AM

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