Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More MySpace Etiquette and Pointless Musings

A little over a month ago I posted "Cecili's MySpace Etiquette," a simple list of 12 rules every MySpace user should try to adhere to. Well, it's quite obvious that nobody is adhering to them, so I'm going to repost them... along with some extra commentary.

1. Comments should be comments. (If you are confused: There is a function on myspace that allows you to send a message).

This one is more optional, in my opinion, as some "comment conversations" are quite hilarious.

2. Don't post millions of pictures of your face all over your page--all the vanity and imagery is nauseating.

Yes, absolutely. And while body shots are okay on your photo page, using one that shows you flexing your biceps as your default profile image is quite pathetic.

3. Only post a bulletin if you have something important to report on.

This, along with the following rule, is one of the two Golden Rules of MySpace.

4. Bulletins should be reserved for general information only. If your "friends" want to know the answers to a survey you took, write it in a blog and they can read it at their leisure. Sadly, not everyone cares who your last crush is or what you think about jesus.

Yes, for the love of God, please quit with the rampant chain bulletins. If you simply must post one, please post only ONE and have some respect for your friends who actually post semi-important bulletins.

5. Try to refrain from commenting on someones page twice in a row--its aesthetically unpleasant.

I actually agree with this one, although sometimes it's hard to wait your turn, if you know what I mean.

6. Comments should be thought out and grammar should be observed.

Yes! Yes! Yes! And this goes for bulletins, too. There's nothing worse than making yourself look stupid with a misspelled bulletin.

7. Don't tell people to comment on your pictures--if people like you and/or they are in one of your photos, they will make a comment.

Yes. And don't tell people you've posted new pictures. If we care, we'll find out. The same goes for blogs.

8. There is no need to list EVERY single book/movie/hero you have ever read/watched/loved. People get bored after reading the first three or four entries. You are better off sticking to your favorites--and if this is disconcerting, you can always change your entries every so often depending on your mood. Which reminds me: update your page every now and again. You log on every day.

Eh, I like lists, but okay...

9. When commenting on a blog: stay on topic.

Yes, please.

10. No Blind friend requests... Ever.

Well, guys don't tend to have this problem, so I guess this means that us men should quit asking every "Cool New Person" who catches our eye to be our MySpace friend.

11. Comment approval takes the fun out of posting comments.

Absolutely. Not only that, it's quite lame.

12. Avoid reading blogs from people who make lame lists like this one and call it news.

Nah, lists are fun.

More Pointless Musings

Is it just me, or is Pink's NBC Sunday Night Football opening the absolute worst thing to happen to sports since ping-pong was made an Olympic event?

It's probably not the smartest idea to put pictures of yourself smoking pot on your MySpace page.

I just realized that Ben Affleck has an Academy Award. How the fuck did that happen?

The San Diego Padres have reclaimed first place in the NL West from the hated Dodgers. Hell, yes.

The war in Iraq is turning out to be a complete waste of money. Can we wind up doing what we intended to over there? Yes. Does it look like we're going to? No comment.

For the first time ever, Rosie O'Donnell said something I completely agree with. She said something to the effect that radical Christians are just as dangerous to the American establishment as radical Muslims. What's shocking is not that she said this... what's shocking is that people are actually arguing with her.

If you're not a football fan, quit pretending that you are. Nobody thinks you're cool just because you root for USC. Then again, they might think you're cool if you can name more than five USC players.

Anyone hear about the three 20-year olds in Wisconsin that tried to dig up a woman in order to have sex with her? Seriously. One saw her obituary photo, decided she was good-looking, and grabbed his two buddies for a night on the cemetery. I think I need to move to another planet.

This will be the last of my daily blogs, as I've decided to keep MySpace and, as such, have more time to bore you with my opinions.


Anonymous said...

So, you're keeping MySpace but not blogging? Seems a shame to me...

Affleck won for Good Will Hunting. Right out of the gate and he wins an award...that explains his ridiculous choices since's all ego. ;)

No, you don't need to leave the planet, round those three idiots up, along with the Radicals that are arguing with Rosie, and send THEM to another planet. We should never abandon our homeworld and leave it to the idiots. Send THEM to a new world. Then, in about 200 years, we can fight that new, radical, insane, despotic world in The First Instellar War. Which we will win.

History comes full circle. :)

Posted by Geoffry on September 20, 2006 - Wednesday - 12:33 PM

Anonymous said...

That was "IN-TER-stellar," not "Instellar." Dang it!

Posted by Geoffry on September 20, 2006 - Wednesday - 12:34 PM

Anonymous said...

Threats, threats. You're always making threats. And could you please learn that people are "whos" not "thats." TIA, HTH, and all that IMS you hate! LOL <--One more for the road! You get one kudo - speaking of which, why does it say 1 KudoS? Is that one of those stupid oneormoreal words like fish or deer? I hate those words.

Posted by Jessica Lynn on September 20, 2006 - Wednesday - 3:47 PM

Anonymous said...

You stole my word!

Let the record show that "oneormoreal" is a JeffWord meaning "a word that is the same in both its singular and plural forms."

Posted by JeffScape on September 20, 2006 - Wednesday - 3:49 PM

Anonymous said...

I used it first. It's my word. Neener.

Posted by Jessica Lynn on September 20, 2006 - Wednesday - 3:50 PM

Anonymous said...

You are tripping. You need a pill. And you mispelled cemetery.

Posted by Pepper on September 21, 2006 - Thursday - 4:11 PM

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