Saturday, September 16, 2006

Random MySpace Thoughts

Hmm... What should I blog about as my time here on MySpace comes to a close? Well, how about MySpace itself? Sure, why not... I've got nothing better to do or say anyway.

MySpace... hmm...

Okay, let's start with the positive. MySpace is a very novel and very easy way to keep in touch with, well, everybody (even complete strangers). With MySpace, I've literally found people that I hadn't talked to in 18 or 19 years. That fact is as cool as it is creepy.

Other positives... um... ah... well, I got to chat with this former San Diego Charger cheerleader that I used to have a crush on about 8 or so years ago... and... um... that's about it for positives.

Negatives. This is going to be easy. Anybody catch that crazy woman who tried to hire a hit man because of a picture she saw on her boyfriend's MySpace page? Or what about that underaged girl that flew to the Middle East to be with her "true love" she had met on MySpace? Or those hot teachers who ask their underage students for sex? Well... that last one might be a positive, depending on how you look at it. Yeah, yeah, call me a chauvinist.

Other negatives... the fact that people are easily found, easily identified, and easily screwed by the stupid shit people tend to post on their pages. I've seen photos of everything from people getting drunk and high, to having sex, to committing crimes (felonies, even)... all on MySpace. I personally know at least two people who've had their relationships ruined because of "MySpace misunderstandings." The list goes on.

The funniest thing to me is that government agencies (Federal, state, and local) often use MySpace to make their jobs easier. "People tell on themselves," I'm told. It's like we stupid civilians designed our own "Big Brother," and we love it. People are dumb, aren't they?

Agh, I'm starting to ramble... I'm not exactly in a writer's mood, if you know what I mean.

I'll miss MySpace, sure... but not really.


Anonymous said...

Well, if somebody commits a crime, and is stupid enough to post a confession on the internet then I think they deserve to get caught. Darwinism in law enforcement.... :)

Posted by Geoffry on September 16, 2006 - Saturday - 8:53 PM

Anonymous said...

Oh, I agree. I was just pointing out that it's hard to hide AND people are stupid on MySpace.

Posted by JeffScape on September 16, 2006 - Saturday - 8:58 PM

Anonymous said...

Eh. You'll come back...

Posted by Jessica Lynn on September 16, 2006 - Saturday - 10:46 PM

Anonymous said...

i think i hate you

Posted by you have no idea... on September 18, 2006 - Monday - 9:19 PM

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