Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Great American Reluctant Job Search

Not sure how much back story is needed here, but most of you know that my budding film career has been reluctantly put on hold. As I try to recover $14,000 from a certain spiteful person (and that's just what's actually owed, never mind the peripheral costs of not having that money), I've been forced to forgo Southern California and attempt to rebuild my bank accounts by, ugh, working.

Funny thing, though... call it an epiphany of sorts... as I began perusing,, and the local newspapers for job openings, I started to realize that I don't qualify for anything. I mean, since high school I've done nothing but the military and college. That might sound like a basis for something, but as I'm a firm believer in doing something in the Army that you can't do anywhere else, I've cornered myself in a job market that has little use for a demolitions expert that jumps out of airplanes. And, quite naturally, my college career was rather meticulously designed to support a career in filmmaking. And, quite unfortunately, the filmmaking industry is rather hard to break in to if not in Los Angeles or a few other select locations in the United States.

So, here I am, a guy with two bachelor degrees, an unrelated associate degree, and nine years military experience applying to be an "admin assistant" or a stockboy at a grocery store. And, so far, to no avail. I guess my resume sucks.

The moral of this story? Get qualified in a real job (like accounting or information technology) before trying to follow your dream. And when you do finally decide to give your dream a whirl, make sure insane self-absorbed pieces of shit don't have access to your assets.

And don't give up. Ever.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have begun moving away from anger...job hunting sucks. I'm doing it right now.

Grocery store employees need few qualifications (trust me on that!), but I wanr you. A few weeks of dealing with customers, and you may feel sorely tempted to put that demolitions expertise to work. That'll open a whole new set of problems... =)

Good luck finding something in the interim...and kudos for not giving up!

Posted by Geoffry on August 27, 2006 - Sunday - 6:58 PM

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