Friday, August 18, 2006

Four Things That Could Cheer Me Up

Life, I must say, is a bit of a wreck for me at the moment. Now, it's certainly not as bad nor as confusing as life is for many people that I know, but... it's still a damn wreck.

You see, I was supposed to finally and permanently move to Los Angeles this upcoming week. Unfortunately, thanks to a fucked up and vindictive maneuver on a certain someone that used to be important to me (I must stress used to be), Los Angeles is no longer anywhere in the near future for me... at least as far as I'm able to manipulate. I had a nice career waiting... family and other nepotistic hookups with people quite capable of giving me fairly lucrative work (at least as far as a work resume goes)... an "in" at Creative Artists Agency, the very place I'm trying to get an agent at... and long-lost and new-found friends laboring and networking in all of the places that I needed to labor and network in. Even better, a friend of mine was working on contacting the actors Sunny Mabry and Ethan Embry in order for me to convince them to star in a different friend's directorial debut, which would've resulted in me getting put into a nice little position with which to start my Hollywood career.

But, thanks to that person who is no longer important to me... all of that has fallen apart. NINE years of being patient, learning my trade, and saving money... down the shit-tube... all because I trusted the wrong person.

Needless to say, I'm in the process of salvaging what can be salvaged and rebuilding what needs rebuilt. Unfortunately, it's going to take a few miracles and a year or two to get me back on track... and by then I'll be 30. Over-the-hill and futile, as they say, in Hollywood. But, fuck it. I'm going to give it a whirl anyway.

Anyway, on to the point. Since some of my closest friends read this, I'm going to list, as the title so eloquently points out, four things that could cheer me up. So, if any of you reading this are in any type of position to help with any of these four things, please do so.

1. A certain so-and-so getting run over by a car and bleeding slowly to death for all the world to see. Okay, maybe not... but I'd still like to see life fall apart for this certain so-and-so. Yeah, yeah, that's not very nice, not very Christian, not very "Buddha," but hey... I'm pissed off and will probably remain so for all eternity.

2. Getting my $14,000 back. The $14,000 that my ex-girlfriend so kindly forced from my possession. She once swore that she'd pay me back no matter what... whether we were together or not... whether we were friends or not. Apparently swears mean nothing to her. Well, how's this for reciprocation? "Hey, babe. I swear I love you."

3. Somehow moving to the Los Angeles area. Seriously, people... nobody knows ANYBODY that wants to move to Los Angeles? Most of you are trying to be filmmakers... what the fuck is wrong with you? I need two roommates for a decent pad in Burbank or North Hollywood. I have three dogs and three cats who are never around. Come on... this should be a no-brainer. Then again... anyone who'd stick around Wilmington hoping that the industry picks up again probably isn't capable of a no-brainer. Um... just kidding... really.

4. Receiving a phone call from an enigmatic brunette in North Carolina. A gorgeous, intelligent, joyous person who can only be described as a living muse. This may sound sappy or even contradictory, depending on what you know, but I would like to hear from her again.

And there you have it... my cry for help.

It sucks being pathetic.


Anonymous said...

Fine, Jeff. I'll call... All you had to do was ask. Sheesh.

Posted by Jessica Lynn on August 19, 2006 - Saturday - 8:51 AM

Anonymous said...

Wait... I'm not brunette! Damn YOU!!! No kudos for you!

Posted by Jessica Lynn on August 19, 2006 - Saturday - 8:51 AM

Anonymous said...

Jeff, hon, I don't have your phone number! How am I supposed to call you? *hee hee*

Re:(1)--them getting run over will definitely make you feel happy short term, but have faith that ppl like that really get theirs in the end, be it in this lifetime(which would be great for you to personally see) or in the next. The is the only thing that gets me thru life sometimes is my faith in that ppl get what they deserve.

Posted by **JEAN** on August 20, 2006 - Sunday - 10:20 PM

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