Saturday, October 2, 2010

Irrewind, 20101002: Driving

For a lot of people (if not most), daily driving is a necessary evil. It can be nerve-wracking, laborious, and downright boring. But, for a lot of people, driving until the end of the road is a quite liberating and peaceful experience.

Regardless, I've had a lot to say about driving.

"Driving, Voting, and That Thing Called High School"
Think about it, there's absolutely no reason that 16-year-old Billy Bob and his cross-town nemesis, D-Bone and the Funk Mafia should be driving to school and raising my insurance rates and automobile taxes. High school education is FREE, so is transportation to said high school. Hey, moron... TAKE THE FUCKING BUS. Traffic's bad... Read More

"Motorcycle Incentives"
As someone who splits his time driving through open territory and overcrowded cities, I often find myself complaining about congestion. I know, I know... EVERYONE in overcrowded cities complains about traffic, but they're in the unique position of being forced to deal with it and, as such, are victims of a certain level of... Read More

"Traffic Musings"
Oh, how about this... try turning on your turn signal when attempting a lane change BEFORE you check to see if anyone is coming. Seriously, have you ever seen a driver check, turn on a signal, realize they're probably not going to get let in, turn off the signal, then cut someone else off anyway in a fit of impatience? IF YOU LET PEOPLE... Read More

"Licensed to Drive, Revisited"
There are, as you are well aware, too many fucking morons driving around on our streets today. Too many idiots who don't seem to know how to use a turn signal; too many dipshits who can't drive in the rain; too many assholes who think yellow lights are NASCAR starting flags; and altogether too many ignorant fucks who don't even know... Read More

"Bad Drivers I: The Nervous Old Woman"
You gain on it quickly, of course, as it seems to be only averaging 40 MPH, while you, not one to obey every law to the letter, travel about 60 to 62 MPH. As you close, you think you see a driver, but aren't sure. The nearer you get, the more it seems like all you see is a steering wheel with a pair of hands on it. But then, the reveal: a gray poof of... Read More


BeMistified said...

I ♥ to drive when it is on the open road. In town, ugh!

Alan Burnett said...

Driving certainly brings out the best in you my friend.

Brian Miller said...

nice new profile took the glasses off...driving is quite freeing, yet at the same time quite frustrating...well maybe that is just other drivers getting in my way..

Tom said...

driving sucks. driving is why i don't own a gun

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

yes! I am totally feeling you here. And sometimes a Mad Max style vehicle would be the answer.

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