Monday, February 8, 2010

Congratulations, Drew Brees

So... I picked the Colts out of an objective analysis, but I pulled for the Saints, marking the first time I've ever clearly rooted for an NFC team in the Super Bowl (ignoring the Patriots-Giants Super Bowl, in which I didn't really root for either team). Not that I'm a Saints fan or part of the "Who Dat?" Nation, or even because I'm supporting Katrina victims vicariously through the New Orleans football team. Long time readers of mine know why I pulled for the Saints... and that reason is Drew Brees.

No, I'm not happy the San Diego Chargers (my favorite team, in case anyone hasn't noticed yet) were knocked out of the playoffs. No, I'm not even happy that Brees won a title before the San Diego Chargers (regardless of who their quarterback happens to be). I'm just happy that Brees won.

In San Diego, he proved he was willing to put in the extra effort to succeed (he won the Associated Press' NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award in 2004), and was "rewarded" with a ticket out of town following an injury in a meaningless game. Though I love my Chargers, I supported Brees then, and I've never wavered. Hell, in his first year in New Orleans, he shared the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award with his old teammate and good friend, LaDainian Tomlinson.

Simply put, the man will do what it takes to be the best.

And now, with a Super Bowl ring and a Super Bowl MVP Award, that's exactly what he is.

At least for a year.

Congrats, Drew! Well-played, my man.

Football Musings

Even though I'm upset Drew is no longer in San Diego, I'm quite happy with his replacement, Philip Rivers.

The Chargers will win the Super Bowl next year. Well... I'll reserve that statement until after their running back controversy resolves itself.

I think Jim Caldwell, the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, is out of his league. Again, I'll reserve final judgment until we see how the Colts respond to their Super Bowl loss (not to mention Caldwell's decision not to go for an undefeated record) next season.

I'm interested to see whether the NFL plays football in 2011. With the existence of two competing professional football leagues (and the possibility of a third), I'm thinking they will. If they don't, however, I predict a significant loss of power for the NFL in regards to maintaining their monopolistic hold on America's favorite sport.

That's all, folks!


Tom said...

a little disapointed here in Indiana, but it seems NO was a team of destiny. (BS)! Brees played like a man on fire and the Colts fizzled after a terrific start. Still, we'll be back next year trying to stick a fork in your evil plans to take over the superbowl, Jeff!

now it's time to look to the Cubs, and see how miserable they can make me this summer.

Secretia said...

That was a great game and it was nice to see him with his family after the game.


Lorenzo — Alchemist's Pillow said...

Hi, Jeff. The other day the PBS Art Beat blog posted an amusing video that you might like, a comical answer to the question "What would the Super Bowl broadcast be like if directed by famous directors?". Some of the directorial styles spoofed are Tarantino, Goddard.

Since it combines your interest in football and films, you may want to take a peek. The link is:


Brian Miller said...

i was excited to see him win actually. i really enjoyed some of the segments on him over the last week. i thought the colts would take it too so it was a pleasant surprise.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Did you have a favorite commercial? -J

Tracy said...

It was the Saint's time, they did it.

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