Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Must Have Been a Writer's Mood

Crazy. This is, officially, my 20th post in this lovely month of June, 2009. Yes, I'm aware that I've been writing heavily as of late, but I had no idea I was churning crap out this quickly. As I hope you've noticed, I'm keeping myself busy importing my old stuff, which is what I was doing when I noticed the post count for the month. No big deal at first, as I'm known for being occasionally prolific, but then the post count for the rest of the year caught my eye: June outnumbers January through May by... er... calculating... five? Yowzers. Must have been one Hell of a writer's mood.

Here's hoping the mood will sustain itself long enough to foster some writing that's actually worth something.

Anyway, I must say that blogger.com has grown on me, but I do miss many of the features from MySpace's site. I believe I've mentioned the music feature before, but I also dig the distribution feature on MySpace (blogs can be targeted to specific readers or set to private/"diary") and the fact that readers can respond to specific comments from other readers. I also missed the hit counters, but now that I'm learning how to use Google Analytics, I no longer care. Google's a bit too "big brother" for me, but they sure put out some awesome tools.

I do admit, however, at being a tad disheartened that few of my MySpace subscribers have made the jump here (only two at this moment in time). I've got an ego to stroke, after all. I know that's revealing vanity a bit, but trust me, you'd rather hear about ego stroking than the other thing I like to stroke.

Personal Musings

Recently discovered that a friend from my high school days whom I haven't spoken to since at least 1996 lives in the same town I'm in now. Maybe that doesn't sound odd to you, but we went to different high schools in Nevada, and now we're both in North Carolina. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago... yeah... that kind of thing is expected. But Wilmington, North Carolina?

My German Shepherd continues to get his ass kicked by my 35-pound Boston Terrier/Pointer-mix. Seriously. I'd tell the Shepherd to grow some balls, but I had to cut 'em off when he was younger (one testicle didn't descend).

For some odd reason, I have a gnat infestation. Trying to deal with it by cleaning like a maniac, but I'm losing the fight. I guess I'm going to have to invest in some Raid. And I hate the smell of Raid.

I'm writing a horror short story, and I managed to freak myself out. That's never happened before, and I'm pretty sure that will never happen again. Ah, well... bottle the magic while it's there, right?

I really need a haircut. I'm like the Asian Jesus, minus the walk-on-water thing.

The Padres are sucking. Is it too much to ask a hometeam to acquire some power hitters?

My appendix started hurting today. It's not hurting at this moment, but if I suddenly drop off the face of the Earth, someone please come break down my front door and pull my lifeless body out of the house before my cats start eating me.

I haven't been to a movie at the theater yet this year. Someone drag to me one, will you? I'm still pissed about having missed Watchmen.

Currently listening to: Dan Black, Greg Laswell, Radiohead. Dan Black (formerly of The Servant) is on a roll. His new album is due out in a couple of weeks... pick it up.

That's all for now. Have a nice day.


Krys said...

"Watchmen" was awesome. I had midnight viewing tickets to "Transformers 2" and STILL didn't see it. I had plans to go last night, but for some reason couldn't get myself to man up and buy one ticket to a movie. They look at you like you're some kind of reclusive loser when you do that.

Wings said...

Glad you are liking Blogger. And sorry about the gnats.

If you do die of a burst, gnat-infested appendix, you will be missed. The 'net will lose a great blogger, as evidenced by the "Uber Amazing Blog" Award I am giving you.


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