Monday, April 2, 2007

Baseball Musings

In honor of the first weekend of the baseball season, I've decided to bless you with my totally pointless thoughts concerning baseball, America's former favorite pastime.

162 regular season games is way too many. They should drop the season back to 154 games, or maybe even fewer.

As baseball is set up to support smaller stadiums than football, they should add two expansion teams. Portland, Oregon, and Indianapolis, Indiana are my suggestions, but it doesn't really matter.

With 32 teams, MLB could mirror the NFL and have four divisions of four teams each in each league.

Which would allow eight playoff teams, instead of six, theoretically ending "playoff droughts" for more teams much more quickly than the current system is capable of. I mean, seriously, we're talking parity, aren't we?

Side note... I personally hate parity, but that's just me. That being said, baseball still needs a salary cap.

They should get rid of, or at least severely reduce, the number of inter-league games. 15 is too many, and inter-league sucks anyway.

They should amp the number of divisional games played. Right now, they only play 75, which isn't even half the season. Division games should, I don't know, have more weight in determining division winners. Makes sense to me.

Put the Brewers back in the American League. The realignment has clearly been aborted. Bud Selig is now the commissioner. Seriously, put them back.

Go Padres!

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