Saturday, April 7, 2007

10 Reasons to be my Roommate in Los Angeles

1. It's Los Angeles.

2. I'll pay for a slightly larger percentage of the rent and utilities, as I have three dogs and two cats (I may have fewer by the time I get there, however).

3. I'm so quiet, you won't even know you have a roommate.

4. Las Vegas and San Diego, two of the greatest places on Earth, are not very far away.

5. If you're afraid of Los Angeles because you "don't know anybody," I can help change that literally overnight.

6. I travel a lot, so you'll have the house to yourself fairly often.

7. Cruises to Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii leave from the L.A. area damn near every week.

8. If you're interested in breaking into the film industry, my friends and contacts will immediately be available to you.

9. I'm reliable, on-time, and generally don't let people down.

10. It's Los Angeles.

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