Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Musings Early in the Month of March

How come those vitamin supplements that have "not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration" are never evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration?

Would cloned meat that isn't allowed to develop a brain or a heart be considered a vegetable?

Why do Christians feel that revealing that Jesus had half-siblings, a wife, and/or a child would be harmful to their religion? How would having a family affect, in any way, the morals and philosophies of Christianity?

Why do people go to movies just to check their text messages?

How the fuck did "bling bling" work its way into our vernacular? And does the originator of "bling bling" even know what vernacular is?

Anyone ever notice how Marines and Soldiers always argue about who's better, but the ones that have served in Joint Task Forces keep their mouths shut because they know there's no difference?

Instead of outlawing cell phones while driving and smoking sections in restaurants, can't we just outlaw stupidity instead and cut out the middleman?

Proof that capitalism creates a better society: America's post-secondary education system.

Proof that socialism creates a better society: Canada's healthcare system.

Brazil receives way too much praise for trying to be the first nation to have every car propelled by ethanol. Guess how they're ensuring they have enough land to grow the necessary crops? Cutting down more rainforest.

If fundamental Islam and fundamental Christianity could truly co-exist peacefully, they would have figured out how during the various Crusades. There's a reason there's a saying, "moderation in everything."

Truth.com pretends to be liberal by hiding behind the pretense of destroying big business (tobacco) for the sake of society. Problem is, they preach a fundamental hate, which tends to be slanted as a conservative point of view. Tell me I'm wrong.

According to a recent report, narcissism in college students is on the rise. If everyone would've listened to me, this wouldn't have happened.

Since I don't like watching marathons, does that make me racist?

Why is being lazy frowned upon? Can anybody tell me ONE invention that wasn't invented for the ultimate purpose of making doing certain things just a little bit easier?

If pre-marital sex is a sin, why don't animals have weddings? Does that mean all dogs go to Hell?

If Hillary Clinton becomes President, does anybody think she'll hire an intern to get back at Bill?

Good night, everybody.

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Anonymous said...

Because the drug companies pay them not to.

No. It's still MEAT.

Everyone knows he had half-siblings (except Catholics), but for the other, Jesus would be tainted if he had SEX!!!!!! And, it doesn't.

Because they enjoy paying a billion dollars to look at tiny little screens of nonsensical letter combos.

Because rappers use it. And, no.

Yes, I noticed.

Because we have this idiotic idea that even idiots have the right to procreate.

You should do more research into America's post-secondary education system.

You should do more research into Canada's healthcare system.

But they're "energy independent" man! Ever wonder why America isn't allowed to use something other than corn? Research it.

I'm so sick of hearing about those silly Crusades. (tic)

Since when are liberals actually liberal and conservatives hate mongers? It often seems the other way around these days.

If everyone listened to you, they'd be broke with no job, living with sissy in Nevada at nearly 30 years old. Yeah, I'll pass. But I love you anyhow. :)

No, that makes you marathonist.

We made those other things easier so we could focus our energy elsewhere. Some people forgot to refocus along the way.

It's that higher being thing. And, no.

I sure hope so!

Posted by Jessica Lynn on March 6, 2007 - Tuesday - 8:59 AM

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