Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here's to You, 2010

Just rambling off some thanks and stuff.
  • Adam - for the spur-of-the-moment inspiration to buy airfare to Australia (also need to thank American Express Travel for that one... wow, what an awesome service).
  • Adam G. - for putting me on the lists to watch movies at the AMPAS theaters... even though I never show up.
  • Andy and Nicole - for letting me crash in Dallas... and the copious rounds of ammunition.
  • Carrie - for the So You Think You Can Dance gig.
  • Dan and Kaity - for the furniture... even though I had to drive Laurel Canyon overloaded... twice.
  • Dan and Zoe - for the extended-stay.
  • Dasan - for the emergency assistance... even though it didn't work. Can we say Worst. Bank. Ever?
  • Erik and Kurt - for letting me crash in Vegas... twice.
  • Gerard - for reminding me to check the AAD on the parachute. That could've been an oopsie.
  • Helen - for the cookbook, a gorgeous daughter, and just being awesome.
  • Helen, Katelyn, Pete, Terry - for having patience.
  • Ivan - for the HBO gig.
  • J and Brea - for hanging on to my shit longer than you had to.
  • Jessica - for the boxes of Goody's and BC's. I'm pretty sure you broke some laws shipping that much medication.
  • Jonathan (among others) - for the Amazing Race gig... and the line on the guest house.
  • Johnny O. - for introducing me to Hugo's Tacos.
  • Jordan - for the emergency assistance... remind me not to pay bills from a mobile phone while on a bumpy road.
  • Jose - for the Albuquerque offer.
  • Kay and Sagremor - for clearing out the rats... but those fucking squirrels are getting out of hand.
  • Krys - for agreeing to take 10thDoM off of my hands.
  • The Parents
  • Pete - for finally pulling your weight as a game designer.
  • Sono - for the extended stay, even though I want to kill you for abandoning my dogs.
  • Starbuck - for being disturbingly loyal. Who'd have known?
  • Steve - for predicting, in 2004, exactly where I'd be living in 2010... right down to the intersection.
  • Studio City - for putting an awesome park at the end of my street.
  • Terry - for the best appliance I've ever owned: my coffee grinder. And the offer to take the dogs.
  • Tom and Helen - for some kick-ass collaborations.
  • Tori - for the Birmingham offer.
I'm sure I forgot people. Feel free to berate me for doing so.


Baino said...

Patience? Thank you darling. You are my wonderful friend, my constant companion and occupy a third of my heart.I love you to bits. Nobody makes me laugh and cry as hard as you do. Can't wait to give you a big hug and show you how to make a proper Thai Curry. Although I'm having trouble finding a Gippsland Worm. You're the only man I'll jump out of an aeroplane for. Really. As for the gorgeous daughter, you know she's going to end up looking like me! You are awesome. The best friend, I have yet to meet. Bring on April. Seriously, you have some wonderful friends who support you and are vying for you. Treat them well. They're gold. Love you much.

Tom said...

your cats chase rats and read blog entries? fantastic.
btw, t y

Not For Jellyfish said...

Yeah, yeah... Even though you burned me and quit talking to me I still love you.

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