Monday, August 23, 2010

DreamScape III: Making Waves

I wasn't sure I should (or could) record this particular dream since so much of it is missing from my memory (actually, the possibility - and probability - remains that what follows were two dreams). I had it around Thanksgiving of last year... I guess this means I should've properly recorded it then. But, such an incomplete dream gives me the opportunity to see how well I can fill in the blanks.

Actual dream portions are in italics.


I'm supposedly driving Interstate 80, but that route is East-West and I think I'm driving North-South. I don't know if I'm moving my home or not, but I probably am. I hate planting roots, after all. There's an old man driving a large pickup truck in front of me. It's so large there are four miniature horses in the back of it. Sure, they might be ponies, but they seem like miniature horses. Why the old man doesn't have a proper horse trailer is beyond me.

I follow him to a ferry point on a river. The ferry point is next to somebody's house. It's a huge house on a huge lot. It's so huge there's another house on it. And a restaurant. I guess I'm hungry, because I go inside to eat. Or maybe just for coffee. I can never tell when I'm really hungry, these days. I don't know anybody here, but everyone I see friend requests me on some social-networking site. Could be MySpace, could be Facebook, could be the next big thing nobody's heard of yet. Where this laptop came from, I have no idea. One of the friend requests is from some weird-looking mechanic. Toothless? Goofy glasses? Oil-stained hat? Maybe, but I can't really tell what he looks like. People are giving me their passwords to their online accounts. Do I look trustworthy? I've heard not, but whatever. One guy rescinds his friend request. Apparently, I was an accident. But this mechanic guy... he really wants to be my friend.

It's kinda creeping me out.

The river's flooding so I have an excuse to leave. I notice one of the houses is actually built over the river. Like a home that's also a bridge. It's nicely landscaped, too. Plenty of trees here. There's no chance ferrying across now, and the current is too fast to ford. Not that my piece of shit truck could make it anyway. Guess I'll catch a ride on that massive freighter. Don't ask how a ship that large can fit in this river... I have no clue.

The river fades into the ocean and we're in the middle of a storm. It might be a hurricane, but I'm not the most nautically inclined and wouldn't know the difference this far out. Big waves are nailing the hull and, frighteningly, there's a serious risk of capsizing. I don't know where the crew has gone, but I'm the only one on the bridge. I can't do anything but grab the wheel and hope I'm steering the ship towards land. I really start freaking out when the ship starts to shrink, becoming a tugboat. The waves flip the boat upside down.

I'm insanely happy that it's landed in the middle of an intersection. Am I in Boston? I swear the cobblestone marker of the Boston Massacre is nearby, but I can't see it. I remove the key from the boat's ignition (yes, it has a keyed ignition) and hand it to some overweight woman standing outside of her car. She seems happy... I guess she always wanted a boat.

I walk off and the cityscape fades into an Army base. There are explosions from weapons testing and some man yells at me for being late.

I could tell him about my day, but I'm not sure he'll believe me.


Okay, dream analysts... do your thing!


JeffScape said...

Yeah, these are lame. Two more coming and then they will disappear for a very, very long time.

Baino said...

What, no birds with shiny armadillo coats or swans? Disappointed

Tom said...

haha, well i liked it. and good job on the connector points. it's just to easy to dismiss dreams that have no cohesion. which is all of them, really.

Brian Miller said...

yeah i would not tell him why you are late...smiles. fear of shrinkage?

PattiKen said...

I have it on good authority that dreams about the Boston Massacre (I am in Massachusetts, after all), weird looking mechanics, social networking and swollen rivers (oh, yeah) are really about sex.

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