Friday, November 13, 2009

Tabula Rasa

a blank page
like blank mind
instinct formed between the covers
before life passes by invented symbols
the story turns
a new chapter
and memories that do not fade
perhaps rewritten
or simply edited
by authors who deigned to choose their fates
it is endings that are published
on slates above heads
whose words stand in eternity
until The End
there are words to change
and characters with new beginnings


candy said...

Jeff, did I ever tell you how much I dig your poetry..??

...before life passes by invented symbols...


Brian Miller said... beginnings give us the opportunity to write new stories, but the memories remain...

Wings said...

Okay cool post/poem/writing/piece...

Now get to writing!

Bitsy said...

O.K. The End.

lettuce said...

i like characters with new beginnings

Tom said...

nice flow, and i like Brian's interpretation...neat-o keen.

Alan Burnett said...

Fine words. And they make me want to make resolutions.

hvninhell said...

Tabula Rasa would be nice, as well as changing my fate. . .good poem!

Dot-Com said...

New characters for new ideas for new beginnings... Nice!

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