Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just Another Case of Blah

Can't write anything. How typical. So it's time to disguise random and fleeting thoughts as something profound, which they most certainly are not. There was a schedule when the Atlantic Coast was abandoned, but a couple of dogs decided to delay things by going sightseeing without telling their owner. He didn't panic, but he was certainly upset and more than a little worried. Was about to give up, too, when they decided to come back. A 94-hour foray to who knows where, and they didn't think they did anything wrong? Ah, well... at least the fat one lost some weight. The little bastard.

There was a book to read when Dallas was reached, but, again, that was delayed when the dogs took off. Good thing an old college friend took her family to Disney World and left her house empty. Good thing, too, that she's not too mad at how she got pissed off the other day. Then again, she did leave the house a bit of a mess. Hah. Ah, well... just desserts in every meal, no?

And then the cats ran off. But at least they came back the next day. Cats and strange places don't mix well, or maybe they do and cats are really more loyal than dogs. There's a guy in Massachusetts who would debate that, and his wife says he secretly loves cats, but he keeps a mean face about them. Perhaps too much has been stated.

Anyway, the book has been read and must now be analyzed. But what a chore that is. Better to watch a bunch of movies with a guy that was in the Army, too. Talk about old times, complain about present times, wax poetic about new times, hope against hope about future times. Something like that. Suddenly the cross-country trip seems more trouble that it's worth, especially seeing as how the ultimate destination should be right back in the Eastern Time Zone. A rat hole known as Fort Benning. Then again, there are those lazier than others, and Benning might never be seen again, save on an episode of Ramsay's The F Word.

Funny how TV works.

Maybe time just needs to be taken to breathe... and listen to a little music.


Wings said...

Take the time, breathe, relax.

And lose the cats.

e said...

Glad your animals are all back...What book are you analysing???

Brian Miller said...

turn the tunes up and breath.

Yoork said...

What do you mean ultimate destination SHOULD be back in the Eastern Time Zone?

Ravyn said...

Yanni. hahaha Cats? Hmmm...I wouldn't cry over lost cats...lost dogs, yes...not cats.

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