Thursday, October 1, 2009

Flight Index

Well, I'm afraid I have to be a bit lazy with writing at the moment, as I'm packing up to move... off to the wild blue yonder, so to speak, tomorrow morning. Fun times.

But as I've often written about flight or the sensation of flying, I decided to offer an index of sorts to some old pieces. Feel free to read them all, or read them none. I'll be back on track in a couple of weeks, I'm sure.

Too Sexy to Fly?
- a satirical commentary on the strange decision by a flight attendant to not allow a passenger to fly based upon her attire.

Blue Wings - a creative non-fiction from days of yore.

Tales from the Airborne I: You Gotta Go When You Gotta Go - another creative non-fiction from military days.

Abandon - metaphoric prose about taking chances.

Falling Through Life Like Sky Through Rainbow - metaphoric prose about being lost in purpose.

A Dramatic Prologue - creative fiction about an airborne assault by Army paratroopers, interspersed with references from famous works of theatre.

The Whale and the Albatross - metaphoric prose about the strange journey that is life.

Oceans - biographical metaphor about sifting through choices.

Borne - descriptive piece about the diversity of Airborne paratroopers.

Stardust - poetic prose about falling in love for a brief moment in time.

As a special bonus, here's the poem version of "Stardust." Both the original and the poem were written at the same time as I couldn't decide which was better... ultimately I went with the prose, but here's the poem in all its aborted splendor:

Stardust - (August 11, 2009)

A slumbering impatience burns away
as falling star touches the crown of the world
light scatters as aimless journey finally reveals destination
there's a melancholic realization
as ground approaches quickly
this view is captured for the first and final time.
but, oh, what a view it is

An all too brief glimpse of beauty
blue and white
as friction melts away fear
her body, once imposing reflection in the distance, now inviting
a scream of triumph as youthful lust streaks through cloud
finally knowing what it means to fly
and, oh, what a flight it is

The lives of others pass by
emotion and sensation
frozen for so long and long since forgotten, or misremembered
reawaken in time to enjoy falling in love
the impact but a mere moment, in her arms
the mystery of gravity finally solved
and what a woman she is


Alan Burnett said...

That is quite some bonus.
I think I prefer the poem to the prose - some of those lines are very memorable.
Good luck on your journey.

Ravyn said...

Since I'm still playing catch-up on your past posts, I'll be reading these before I know it. :) Good luck in your travels!

Betsy said...

I remember the 'too sexy to fly' story from the news...not too long ago, actually.

Have fun on your move tomorrow! Hope it's all smooth sailing (or flying)! :)

Brian Miller said...

hope your flight goes well tomorrow. enjoyed the poem...finally knowing what it means to fly...nice.

Wings said...

I knew this theme would right up your alley. Good idea to just link to your previous takes on the idea. Never a bad thing to re-read previous works.

Hope when you finally land this time, you are safe and settled in no time.

e said...

Good luck tomorrow. My creativity is tapped out at the moment...I need a metaphoric or actual flight in the worst way. Thanks for sharing your previous work here.

Baino said...

Well your 'lazy' effort was infinitely better than mine! I'll have to come back on the weekend and read the others. Long weekend over here! And rain forecast, perfect. Good luck with the move, the very thought of me moving is enough to make me take flight!

Tom said...

nice poem, will have to backtrack later to check out some of those links, as well.

Jasmine said...

The starlight lyrics are wonderful. Music lyrics keep me so happy so much of the time.

lettuce said...

that "too sexy" story is almost unbelievable (and I don't find much unbelievable these days)

and I like the Starlight piece (both of them)
esp. the solving of the mystery of gravity -r eally good

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