Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One-Line Movie Reviews, September 8, 2009

Okay, so these reviews are not reviews of new releases, nor are they even one-line. I merely noticed that I haven't shared any opinions of films I've seen as of late, so I've decided to do so.

In other words, I'm having some difficulties writing, and this is the best I can come up with.

Without further adieu:

District 9 - a low-budget South African science fiction movie that, well, kicks ass. The special effects are pretty damned good, and the relatively unknown (in the United States, anyway) cast lends to the mockumentary effect. There's a nice bit of relevance in the film, but something tells me it'll be lost on most. Verdict: SEE it.

Pineapple Express - much was made of James Franco's turn as a pothead. In other words, there was much ado about nothing. And I have to be honest, I wasn't understanding Hollywood's Seth Rogen backlash until I saw this movie. Now I get it completely. He's irritating. Verdict: SKIP it.

RocknRolla - Guy Ritchie's much anticipated return-to-form following the Madonna debacle. Not quite up to the level of Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, but definitely enjoyable. And (should we believe the notice at the beginning of the end credits) a perfect set-up for the further adventures of One Two, Mumbles, and Handsome Bob. Verdict: SEE it.

Watchmen - the long-awaited film adaptation of the greatest graphic novel of all time. Yes, A LOT was missed in translation, but the movie definitely comes as close as one can hope for (short of another hour of run-time, anyway). Verdict: SEE it.

That's really all I can remember right now. If I remain in a writing funk, there will probably be more of these to follow... and rather frequently, I'm afraid.


Alan Burnett said...

Fear not, it will come back.

Baino said...

I share your funk . .and I don't mean 'bow chicka bowm bowm. Only seen Watchmen out of that lot and fell asleep! District 9 has had some good reviews so . . .maybe . .then maybe I'll wait until it comes out on DVD.

Brian Miller said...

saw Watchmen...it was pretty good...not my fav. Really want to see District 9 though, especially after your review. will steer clear of the others.

hoping the funk is gone soon.

Wings said...

BAH! I say.

And I haven't seen any of those flicks, and with the log jam our Netflix queue has become, it won't be anytime soon, either!

Bitsy said...

I'm interested in seeing District 9. I'm not likely to see the others. I saw an old Italian romantic comedy today, Bread and Tulips. I liked it.

Not For Jellyfish said...

District 9 is great fun. Love the main character!

Inglourious Basterds is pretty awesome. Lots of gratuitous violence a la Tarantino..

Going to see 9 tonight. Will let you know how it goes.

Drink a lot before seeing Pineapple Express. Then, it will be funny-ish.

Oh, and see Adventureland. Very Juno meets Superbad - only less of each.

Anonymous said...

Your one line movie reviews span more than one line, and in most cases contain several sentences. just saying.

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