Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Random Hollywood Musings in January, 2008

By now everyone is aware that Heath Ledger is dead. Seriously, when are young stars going to realize that sleeping pills are bad mojo?

We're at Ledger and Renfro so far... In keeping with the "Hollywood in Threes" legend, anyone want to take a guess on who's next? My money's on Britney Spears. Well, okay, not really, but she should be next.

Yes, even I think that was irresponsibly and ridiculously mean of me.

The WGA has finally backed off of their demand to represent animation and reality writers. About fucking time. Assholes. Now we can get somewhere.

Speaking of the WGA. I've said all along that this strike wasn't about money, but about power. The proof? The WGA has threatened to boycott the Academy Awards if an agreement isn't reached by then. Why? Exactly what do the Academy Awards, an industry-wide event honoring all aspects of cinema, have to do with contract negotiations?

The DGA deal seemed to have been reached quickly, and the SAG deal looks like it's going to be a no-brainer. So exactly what is the WGA's problem? And why does the WGA feel the need to call on SAG to support them? If writers and actors need to support each other, why not just form a new union?

I think AFTRA should stick it up SAG's ass and start acting completely independent of their sister guild. Competition would do the unions some good.

Have yet to see a movie in theaters this year. I'm having withdrawals... again.

If anyone tells me anything about Cloverfield before I see it, I will hunt you down and bury you where I find you.

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Anonymous said... the end the big...hehe...well, that may be giving away too the part where the know, the part during the party...well, you just need to see the damn movie!

Posted by Jared on January 24, 2008 - Thursday - 7:03 PM

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