Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Los Angeles Jets of the NFL

Seattle beat Washington and Jacksonville beat Pittsburgh today (or yesterday, depending on your time zone). Although I occasionally pull for the Seahawks (due to their AFC West connection) and Jacksonville (due to a personal connection), I don't really give a shit. The only thing I want to happen is for San Diego to smoke Tennessee Sunday evening.

Anyway, as yet another NFL season without a team in Los Angeles comes to a close, I find myself pondering the easiest way to get a team to America's second-largest city.

Expansion, of course, is the obvious answer, but since the NFL is almost perfectly balanced and scheduled with a 32-team league, this doesn't seem likely. No, I don't think that adding a team or two (or four) would hurt the NFL by depleting the talent pool like so many people claim, I just think that it would ruin the system in place... again, it's almost perfect.

Moving a less-than-popular team from its current city is also a common answer, but I'm against this, as every city should have its representation in the premiere sports league in the country.

Which brings me to the New York Jets. There are two teams in New York: the NFC's Giants and the AFC's Jets. The Giants have been around since 1925, are uber-popular, have two Super Bowl titles, and shouldn't be touched. The Jets began life as the New York Titans in 1960, are also very popular, and have a single Super Bowl title. Now, I don't really think they should be touched, either, but the proposition is a simple one.

Move the Jets to Los Angeles.

Yes, most of you are screaming at my blatant ignorance of tradition and my seeming inane stupidity, but why not?

Move the Jets to Los Angeles, realign them in the AFC West. Realign the Kansas City Chiefs into the AFC South (much as I hate to break up my beloved division). Realign the Indianapolis Colts into the AFC North (what are they doing in the AFC South, anyway?). And realign the Baltimore Ravens into the AFC East. Problem solved.

Of course, even I hate this idea myself, but the only other method I can think of to maintain balance and put a team in Los Angeles without hurting another city is to go back to the six-division format and add four expansion teams.

Ah, well... it'll never happen, so why worry?

Go Chargers!

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