Monday, December 3, 2007

The Fall 2007 Television Season: an Update

Now that we're moving into the mid-season breaks, it's easier to call which shows have it, and which ones don't.

Obviously, fan favorites such as Lost and 24 have yet to return, so I won't be offering any conjecture on those.

Well, I'm tired, so let's just run through this, shall we?

Prison Break - still well-acted and fairly well-written, it's becoming painfully obvious that the gimmick is up. I'll keep watching, though, if only to see where it goes. New viewers might get a kick of it, and loyal fanboys (and girls) will obviously remain loyal, but there's not much here for the casual viewer to latch onto.

Heroes - despite a slow, agonizing start to its second season, the show has finally picked back up and is back to its first season quality.

Bionic Woman - is officially banned from my television.

Moonlight - I gave up on this a while ago, but happened to catch the last episode. It appears that the plot has evolved into something engaging. Unfortunately, poor production values and crap acting are still hampering this great concept. Jury's still out on whether or not I jump back into this one.

House - still the best character on television, and though I'm sad to see the "who gets hired?" subplot go, I'm looking forward to the show's Spring return.

The Unit - finding its way, though given that it's in its third season, it should have done that about 30 episodes ago. Military aficionados will enjoy this, even though military inaccuracies still frequent the series far too often.

Life - best new show on television. Period.

Journeyman - started off good (if a little slow), and keeps getting better and better. It'll be a shame if continued poor ratings forces NBC to ax this one.

K-Ville - another show still finding its way. It's a competent series, but is missing that something extra to make it truly a good one. I doubt it'll last long enough, but it'd be nice if the show finds a direction to go in. As it stands now, this is a show that belongs in the 1980s.

Kitchen Nightmares - yes, it's a reality show, but it's a damned good one. The only slight against it is that it pays less attention to the actual restaurant industry, and more attention to the "drama" inherent to the people working in a failing restaurant. The British version managed to do both, so why can't the American version follow suit?

Battlestar Galactica: Razor - cheesy. Bad characterization, bad plot progression, decent writing. As far as being the actual Battlestar Galactica Season 4 setup? Bad, bad idea.

Pushing Daisies - odd, quirky, and totally engaging in a camp kind of way. In this case, however, camp is a good thing. A good example of a television series simply having fun with itself, and not at the expense of its viewers.

Anyway, the SciFi remake of The Wizard of Oz, Tin Man, is on my DVR. More on that to follow.


Anonymous said...

E hates The Unit. Hates.

Let's see... Prison Break - good thoughts.
Heroes - good thoughts.
Journeyman - good thoughts. I enjoy this, but now, October Road is back on opposite it, so I must go to October Road and watch Journeyman online.

Pushing Daisies? What about Pushing Daisies? That's a really unique and fabulous show.
Bionic Woman was definitely a disappointment. Gossip Girl, however, was not. :)
Life - agreed.

Posted by Jessica Lynn on December 3, 2007 - Monday - 8:08 AM

Anonymous said...

Well, I won't go into E's obvious bad taste in film and television...

But, yeah, I forgot about Pushing Daisies. I'll do a quick edit.

Posted by JeffScape on December 3, 2007 - Monday - 2:14 PM

Anonymous said...

I will comment on the shows you mention:

Prison Break - Yeah, I still watch. But it is getting to be like WHAT NOW! ha!

Heroes - Haven't caught up on the last few weeks yet. Hoping they improve.

Bionic Woman - Actually forgot to reset the DVR to tape this when we went on vacation and when I realized this I thought "Eh, oh well."

Moonlight - It's okay. Has definitely improved, but I don't find myself yearning to see it.

House - Never watched. Hugh Laurie annoys me.

The Unit - Never watched. Bite me, Jeff.

Life - Love this show, too. I just HOPE they know where the continuing plot of why he ended up in prison is going and not just going to keep stringing it along.

Journeyman - I do like this show, and am also hoping it is renewed. Not looking good though.

K-Ville - It's ok, but starting to see very been there/done that to me. Don't really care if I miss it or not.

Kitchen Nightmares - Never saw it.

Battlestar Galactica: Razor - Didn't watch it, never got into BSG.

Pushing Daisies - My favorite new show of the season. Definitely doesn't take itself seriously. This is what fun, enjoyable entertainment is all about. Hope it is around for a long, long time!

The Wizard of Oz, Tin Man: Didn't watch or DVR.

So, there you go.

Posted by Joe on December 3, 2007 - Monday - 10:41 PM

Anonymous said...

you should be blogging on some entertainment site and getting paid for it.

nicely done!

Posted by Johnny O™ on December 9, 2007 - Sunday - 1:39 PM

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