Saturday, December 16, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everybody. And I mean that sincerely. I'm even wishing Merry Christmas to all you jerks that don't subscribe to Christmas. That's right, for everyone that celebrates the older Hanukkah and the completely arbitrary Kwanzaa, I'm wishing you a Merry Christmas, too.

I am, as most of you know, as agnostic as a person can get. I don't know which religion is right, I don't know what happens when one dies, and I don't know if there is a God, gods, or just a big bang followed by an assload of evolution. Christmas, to me, is simply a time for family, a time for loving your fellow man in that cliché way, and a time for giving and receiving. That's what it means to me, and you know what? That's a great meaning, if I do say so myself.

I understand the Christian connotation of the holiday, but I also understand the historical pagan significance of it, as well. The nativity scenes don't bother me, Christmas carols don't bother me, and I absolutely fucking love Christmas trees covered in snow. That being said, I respect Hanukkah and what it stands for. In fact, I respect every other religious and pseudo-religious holiday that happens around this time of year. And even though it's a completely arbitrary, faceted, 20th Century anti-establishment invention, I even hold some respect for Kwanzaa. I mean, shit, anything that celebrates Peace on Earth in one form or another is worthy of respect, right?

But what's really starting to irritate me are all the idiotic, ignorant, and self-important assholes that are trying to pigeon-hole Christmas as a holiday that the "white Christian" is trying to "hold down the man" with. Seriously, shut the fuck up.

You hear about the rabbi who complained about the Christmas trees in the Seattle airport? Well, his complaint got the trees removed. Way to go (although, he does have a legitimate point... one I have no problem with, but his dumb ass threated to sue), dickhead. You hear about the person that was so worried about being politically correct that a Christmas choir was ordered to stop caroling because Sasha Cohen, a half Jew who happens to appreciate Christmas, was in the area? Holy fucking cow. ENOUGH ALREADY.

Screw "Happy Holidays." It's "Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah."

Yes, it's true that America was founded on what were basically Christian ideals for a "promised land," but they were ideals that recognized the need for what is essentially an agnostic form of government. Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and all the others ultimately knew that peace in the new land would never be accomplished without peace between the religions. That's kind of why the United States doesn't have a state-sponsored religion. It just so happened that most of the inhabitants here (American Indians notwithstanding) were Christian. So, obviously, Christmas took the lead as the primary winter holiday.

But guess what? Over the years, Christmas in America was altered by capitalism and the ever-growing "melting pot" that was the American populace and has become, more than any devout Christian is probably willing to admit, a non-denominational holiday. It is, in this country, celebrated less as the supposed birthday of Jesus Christ, and celebrated more as a time for the (loose definition here) "spirit of Christmas." You know, that fat guy in the red suit with the reindeer on drugs? Last I checked, Santa wasn't in the Bible, and just ask the boys of South Park who would win in a duel, Santa or Jesus.

It's time we looked beyond the religion and alleged ethno-centricity of Christmas, and let the American spirit of Christmas take hold. We're one country, one people, and we deserve to celebrate the end of the year without a bunch of assholes trying to destroy the one thing that lets us love each other without feeling embarrassed about it.



Anonymous said...

Jeff, I couldn't have said it better myself. You PERFECTLY describe how I feel about Christmas and the holiday season. Being an atheist, I am sometimes asked WHY I celebrate Christmas. Well, the Christmas I celebrate is the one I grew up with, which had almost NO connection to Jesus and his "birth". It is the Christmas that puts family, friends and good will toward all ahead of pretty much anything else. At least for one month out of the year. And this is the Christmas my children are enjoying. And I don't say "Happy Winter Solstice". It is "Merry Christmas" damn it.

Posted by Joe on December 16, 2006 - Saturday - 8:25 AM

Anonymous said...

Amen and hallelujah, brother.

Merry Chrismahannakwanzika.


Posted by **JEAN** on December 16, 2006 - Saturday - 12:40 PM

Anonymous said...

I think you should publish this...any newspaper editorial column that will take it. Seriously.

I agree.

Posted by Geoffry on December 16, 2006 - Saturday - 2:34 PM

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! That was AWESOME! and SO DAMN TRUE! You should send this out in a bulletin or something so the "WORD" can be spread to all the WORLD! (well the myspace world anyway)

Posted by Moroni on December 20, 2006 - Wednesday - 4:36 PM

Anonymous said...

well stated!

merry christmas to you too!


Posted by you have no idea... on December 21, 2006 - Thursday - 6:30 PM

Anonymous said...



Posted by *~S'OAVOEL TSENIF~* on December 22, 2006 - Friday - 10:16 AM

Anonymous said...

hell yeah!

Posted by you have no idea... on January 1, 2007 - Monday - 12:03 PM

Bill K. said...

Kwanza - a Holiday Tradition since the 2nd Season of I Spy!

Baino said...


Jinksy said...

You've hit a few nails on the head here! LOL ! Political correctness, and being harassed to conform to a colourless, tasteless, universal nothingness instead of allowing free, individual opinions to be aired, is the bane of the modern day world.
I endorse your final statement, "let us love each other without feeling embarrassed about it!"

Marcheline said...

I agree with your general sentiment, however as a radio operator talking to pilots from all over the world, I still say "Happy holidays", as there are a lot more holidays and religions than the ones you mentioned, all over the world. I like to be inclusive and offer a general feeling of goodwill, without pinpointing any one. Also, as New Year's celebrations are worldwide and completely un-religious, it is encompassed as well.

PattiKen said...

Heck, yeah.

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