Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Writer's Mood Revisited

Crazy world, this is. Very. Things happen that you don't expect, obviously, but when things happen that you've never even considered, well, that's when you're in trouble.

Case in point. I was betrayed by somebody last Sunday. Now, I've always said that betrayal is the worst thing you can do to somebody, and it is. This one is going to cost me a few thousand dollars, a few months of my life, and a little bit of sanity. Fuck yeah.

The strange thing is that I'm writing again... like, seriously writing. When I wrote about my lack of "writer's mood" before, I figured that it was just life in general that was keeping me down. Well, given the evidence today, that's just not the case. Life is looking very, very bleak at the moment, yet I'm still writing. Most of that is my reluctant muse, I'm sure, but given the hit I just took, I should just want to curl up and die. But I don't. And I'm writing. Ironically, it seems that the more I really write, the less I blog. Blogging, it seems, is a clue that I'm not really writing... well, maybe not given the circumstances, but it sounded good, didn't it?

I'm making no sense, am I?

Eh, who cares? I just finished a script and I'm editing it now. Hooray for me, sort of.

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Anonymous said...

you're too much of a jerk to just curl up and die! you stay alive to spite all the jackasses who betray you or do you wrong. that's how i get along alot of the time! keep writin, and put it where some peeps can read it sometime!



Posted by **JEAN** on October 25, 2006 - Wednesday - 8:43 PM

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