Thursday, June 1, 2006

Blackbird at Buster's: A Shameless Pitch

I just read a script... and it's pretty damn funny. I don't find myself often laughing out loud when I read something, but this particular script managed to force out chuckles on several occasions. To be honest, it's probably because I know the screenwriter, and I know how he is. Trust me when I say this, seeing him come through his characters is funny in and of itself. But I guess that's why he's decided to direct this particular script himself... he knows what works in the script, and he knows how to make it as funny as it can possibly be. Meat Loaf saw enough in the script to attach himself. So did Henry Winkler. Sure, they're not A-listers, but they're talent, and one made a living out of being funny. I'm pretty positive that Mr. Winkler is a good judge of comedy.

Not only is it a comedy, but it's almost a musical. It should be, after all, it's about a band who robs a bank to fund their demo... the robbery goes off (almost) without a hitch, but the getaway becomes a little, well, convoluted. Through a twist of fate, they wind up hiding out in a record store owned and operated by an old music producer (Meat Loaf). Guess what happens? They record a single.

Now, assuming that this movie is going to kick ass, it's going to need a kick-ass band to do the soundtrack, right? Well, I'm not too sure, but I've heard that Queens of the Stone Age kick ass, and they've sure as shit agreed to do the soundtrack.

The writer's name is Rich Leder, and he'll be directing, as well. Check him out on the Internet Movie Database. He's got a resume, and the personality to go with it. He's also a musician, which I guess helps a bit when writing about music.

Where am I heading with all of this? I'm sure from the title of this blog that you already know, but I'll write it out for you anyway... This little movie, Blackbird at Buster's, is still in the process of raising money. It has a $4 million dollar budget, a drop-dead date of March 2007, and needs your help.

For any of you that have ever even thought of funding a movie, this is probably the safest offer you'll ever hear of. Yes, I know I sound like a salesman, and I apologize, but all of what I'm saying is true.

The producers of Blackbird at Buster's are asking for investment units of $15,000. Yes, that's a decent chunk of change, but the risk is negligible. How? Well, 88% of that $15k ($13,200, to be exact) gets shoved into an interest-earning escrow. The rest is split among Blackbird at Buster's producing team for operating expenses. So what happens if the drop-dead date comes and goes? You get the $13,200 back, plus any interest that it accrued. Basically, you have a risk of less than $1,800 versus a reward in which the sky's the limit.

Interested? Want more information? If film's your thing, you like to invest, and you've got money available, drop me a line.

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Ravyn said...

I checked out the website - doesn't appear to have gotten made. Bummer.

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