Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Procrastination II: More Adventures Before a Deadline

There's work to be done this week, and a lot of it. Wait, forgive me, that's how I began the last "Adventures Before a Deadline." Pardon me for a few moments while I consider the implications of plagiarizing oneself. Wait, forgive me, you're reading this all at once and won't notice the delay.

Forget I mentioned it.

Truth be told, this entire year's been a procrastination. No, seriously, practically all of 2010. Yeah, there was the occasional gig that required me to physically show up somewhere and work (which, this year, happened to typically be in Las Vegas, which isn't exactly conducive to working hard), but for the most part everything's been a work at home deal (which isn't exactly conducive to working hard).

Met a lot of cool people this year... both via the virtual world and via the real world (what a hazy line that's become, eh?). Some are people who were already writing when I met them, many of whom should pursue publishing (and some who should not). Some are people who I - cough, cough - "strong-armed" (as they'd put it, no doubt) into giving creative writing a shot (surprise, surprise - or not - they're actually good!). Other than that, though, everyone I've met has been a bastard.

Okay, not really, but I'm going for symmetry here. Because, well, looking for symmetry is keeping me from my work, which is what this is all about.

So how else has 2010 been a procrastination? Well, I'll tell you. I've been "trying" to get to my current location for a long time. I left a previous location in October of 2009... and got all of 80 or 90 miles to a friend's house. At which point two of my dogs ran away for five days and screwed up my entire schedule. And instead of getting immediately back on track, I stayed put until March of 2010 (which is when things got a bit... tenuous). From March until July of 2010 I let myself get a tad too comfortable in yet another location that was not my intended location.

Until, finally, I got here. Not that any of that will make sense to anyone (well, it will to a handful, but probably not to you).

I'd have been here earlier, mind you, but a dust-up with a landlord and a delay in work material screwed up my entire schedule. At least no runaway dogs were involved (although a runaway cat almost played a hand).

So here I am, once again rushing before a submission deadline for publication. I thoroughly enjoyed the research portion, but am now caught in the mire of actually producing what my contract dictates I produce. It's not helping that there are a couple of people I prefer wasting my time with (not that I consider them wastes of time... far to the contrary, in fact). Then again, I've given away all of my televisions, brought none of my video games with me, and have temporarily given up any semblance of a nightlife (to and including a substantial personal life).

One would think there'd be nothing to procrastinate with, eh? Ah, Hell no! There's Facebook!

Hang on... time for a status update. "JeffScape is a lazy bastard."

Yeah, that seems to fit at the moment.


She Writes said...

So you finally made it, did you :)? Congrats, Jeff! That was one long trip.

joanny said...


I should have offered you a ride with my two biker chick friends, Thelma and Louis, my alter persona, shh? don't tell. I am not sure you would have gotten there -- where ever, any faster, but it would have been one exhilarating ride, possibly with lots of detours.- no GPS..

Glad the pouches returned -- from their high adventures.
Now I have to go back and read the Matches? Check. Charcoal? Check.,
It is a must pack for us women,


Alan Burnett said...

As a wise man once said : "Procrastination is the thief of time and the benefactor of contentment"

Brian Miller said...

sh but the trip i am sure gave you plenty of inspiration...and people to share it with...

Tom said...

hell, this is the only Jeff i've ever known. are you trying to tell me you're not really a habitual lazy slacker?
nah, i knew better all along!

Kate Hanley said...

Procastinators of the world unite! You left a cryptic message on my blog about unlocking e mail? Here's my e mail if you need it:

PattiKen said...

Procrastination is nap time for the muses. They need to sleep too, you know.

Pisces Iscariot said...

"Other than that, though, everyone I've met has been a bastard." 2010 ain't over yet; plenty more to meet >oooD

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