Saturday, June 5, 2010

Irrewind, 20100605: Music

It's a bit strange that I don't write about music more often than I do. I hate to claim it, but I do happen to be a trained musician (piano and trumpet, believe it or not)... that I am not very good at either is beside the point. Strangely, I even took a psychological test that purportedly matches people to their ideal occupations and wound up with "music composer."

Anyway, I do happen to be writing a new piece concerning music, but as I've been technically "writing it" for months now, I have no idea when (or where) it will show up. But, I wanted to go back and revisit previous musical rants just for fun. Obviously, some are temporal and no longer have any real relevance (then again, little you'll find here does), others have been obviated by corporate mergers (XM and Sirius, anyone?), and one is even a poem that's probably enjoying it's umptieth time being reposted here. Whatever. Read if you like, don't if you don't.

"My Two Cents on American Idol"
However, thanks to an overzealous girlfriend, an equally overzealous sister, and an accidental run-in with Bucky and Paris, I've been forced to watch this year's competition... and, unfortunately, have become a bit addicted (not 24 or Lost addicted, but close enough). And so, I've decided to jot down what I think of a few of the contestants... Read More

"One-Hit Wonders, the Wave of the Future"
Before everyone starts jumping on me, I'm not claiming that all music is garbage... just a lot of it. A higher proportion of it than there used to be. Yes, we still have our superstars knocking out decent to great hits, we still have our "rookies of the year" blowing us away with startling debuts, and we still have our underground... Read More

"XM Radio: Saving Music One Genre at a Time"
It's true that regular FM stations tend to not play the best of tunes anymore. Top 40 all seems like crap, alt rock is becoming way too emo, and even emo is becoming way too emo. Heavy metal is in a sad state of affairs, with most of the new bands just trying to pretend that they're devil worshippers so the freaks come to their local Wal-Mart... Read More

"Musicians You Should Be Listening To, but Probably Aren't"
Oh, yes, believe it or not, there is great music that isn't permeating your Top 40 stations. In fact (well, in opinion), there is music far better than what you hear on your Top 40 stations. Top 40, as we all know, but may not admit, is full of crap that is so heavily market-oriented, pretty much everyone without an individual thought in their mind... Read More

a ballet of fingertips on floors of ebony and ivory
a canvas of eighty-eight colors
art and life confused by their own reflections... Read More


Alan Burnett said...

Thanks for the playlist - they all deserve regular spins.

Brian Miller said...

nice, i have a few of those pieces i have been working on...

She Writes said...

I remember Piano. It's worth reposting.

lettuce said...

I liked Piano very much

and what about an update on Music we should be listening to?...

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