Saturday, March 6, 2010

Irrewind, 20100306: The Military

I am fascinated by warfare and armies in general, so it is natural for me to write about such things. And I do. Suffice it to say, I am quite opinionated about a great many things military.

Some of these were written a while ago, and one or two were probably written as knee-jerk reactions to current events of the time and probably aren't accurate anyway (I'm working on eliminating such reactions), so there may be changes to some of my opinions that I have yet to address.

But, if you're interested, here you are:

"The Army Corps of... Marines?"
A few years ago, a Pentagon brain decided to analyze the current makeup of the US Armed Forces. His name was David Dyche and his conclusions in 1990 showed that, not only was the military wasting money on what everyone already knew that the military was wasting money on, but that the military was wasting money simply by existing in its current model... Read More

"The United States Air Force: A Parasite Organization"
First point: simply analyze our air power in our various armed forces. The Army has the largest "air presence" of any service. The Navy has their own air superiority, airlift, and strike capabilities. The Marine Corps has their own airlift, strike, and close air-support capabilities. The Air Force has all of that, plus strategic air. All this means that the people of... Read More

"An Army of More Than One"
Everyone who has been in the military knows of the utter chaos involved in running a unit, much less a full-scale operation. Hell, most people who haven't been in the military have heard the stories, as well. There's even a popular saying attributed to several foreign generals (none of whom probably actually said it): "War is chaos. The reason the Americans... Read More

"Military Development: The Lost Art"
The procurement and development budget Department of Defense is under fire; this is no secret. The incoming administration wants to increase that amount of fire; this is also no secret. Experts are expecting several projects, such as the F-22, the Army's Future Combat Systems (FCS), and most of the Navy's new surface combatant programs to be cut... Read More

"Mountain Warfare: An American Oversight"
As a superpower with global reach and concerns, our military is trained, equipped, and prepared to go anywhere anytime the need arises. Almost. While we are no doubt prepared for desert-based conflicts and have increased our urban warfare capabilities exponentially since the 1990s, we lack a particular capability that is particularly important today, given our... Read More


Tom said...

i liked that last piece...but let's be real here. When you're talking about US government and the Pentagon, a simple solution is never the answer...
be back this afternoon to read more.

Secretia said...

That is some article about mountain warfare readiness.


She Writes said...

I am interested. On my way to read.

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