Monday, January 18, 2010

On Haiti and the San Diego Chargers

Before I get started on a ridiculous rant concerning Haiti, I just want to mention that I'm going to delete the TypePad and LiveJournal mirrors for this blog by the end of the week. If anyone follows via one of those methods (let's see, that should be about... none of you), they'll need to switch to something else. Or just ignore me altogether. I'm used to it.


Haiti's messed up. Long the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, there looked to be little hope for a so-called developing nation that wasn't, well, developing. Now they have a national disaster to deal with, and their outlook is much, much worse.

Yes, it's great that the international community is helping out (led by the United States... just thought I'd mention that) and, yes, there is a growing outside proliferation of Haitians attempting to help the disposition of their home nation (Wyclef Jean, etc.), but does anybody really see Haiti ever rising above and beyond their current status (earthquake notwithstanding)? I'm not claiming that such a feat would be impossible (nothing's impossible), but feasible? How does Haiti have any hope of being able to sustain itself? Even with the high probability (particularly now) of receiving debt cancellation, their reliance on imports and their relatively low amount of exports seems like it will keep them poor for a very, very long time.

So... why not offer them annexation? I mean, really... why not? I understand that it's en vogue to be an independent nation, but sovereign independence at the cost of economic dependence seems a bit empty to me. Haiti could become our 51st state, and as someone who sometimes reflects on the fact that I'm in danger of being part of the first generation of Americans to not live to see a new star added to our flag, I'd support it. And, let's face it, it won't hurt Haiti's standard of living.

Additionally, it would allow us to "politely" back out of Guantanamo Bay and establish not only a valid political and industrial presence in Haiti, but a military one, as well. And that it's closer to Venezuela is (for those who follow our government's strategic decisions) not a bad thing, either.

Do I see it happening? Of course not, but I figured I'd chuck it out there.

San Diego Chargers

The NFL 2009 Divisional Playoffs are done... and so are the Chargers. In a repeat of the 2004 season's playoff game versus the New York Jets, a misfiring Nate Kaeding doomed the Chargers to an early exit from the playoffs.

Kaeding, now the NFL's most accurate kicker in (regular season) history, went 0-for-3 in field goal attempts, leaving 9 points off the scoreboard for the Chargers... who lost 17-14. So, yes, I blame Kaeding. He is the San Diego goat until further notice.

It's generally accepted that the loss against the Jets is going to be LaDainian Tomlinson's last game as a Charger, primarily because he's due a nice paycheck next year, one which is essentially going to overpay him according to his recent output. LDT often claims he'd like to retire a Charger. So, LDT, if you're serious, renegotiate your contract and let the Chargers pay you less. You're already ridiculously rich... put your money where your mouth is.

A shout-out to a couple of bloggers I follow, Brian Miller and Tom, who are extremely happy that the Colts beat the Ravens.

I mentioned previously that I don't think the New Orleans Saints are going to be able to make it to the Super Bowl this year. After last Saturday's divisional playoff versus the Cardinals, I take it back. And, if the Saints make the Super Bowl, I will find myself in the unique position (for me) of rooting for an NFC team.

I'm gonna go sulk now.



Brett W. said...

Wow, two points you made and I can agree with both. Good on you. BTW I'm still up in Bridgeport and head up the mountain on wed. So best way to hit me up is my inbox. Later

Tom said...

i only picked one game corectly this weekend, and the Chargers was the only pick i had that i thought was a no brainer. Whoops...i really wanted a Colts/Charger's rematch. Sorry about the loss. A lot of folks out there want to see The Saints go all the way; but i'm with you--they are sort of a wishywashy team.

Haiti, bad as it sounds, could possibly come out infrastructurally better on this, if all the nations and rich folks out there pitch in to help is hard to understand why one half of an island can be so poor while the other is doing fine...

who are you rooting for now, or are you just done with it all?

Baino said...

Slightly off topic but after the Tsunami in our part of the world in 2004 the aid actually took a very long time to get to areas that weren't making a buck out of tourism but the upshot was - Better houses, new schools, inoculation programs, Tsunami warning systems . .and yes. the poorest of the poor in countries like Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India benefitted greatly from the rebuilding. In fact if you go to Phuket, you'd never know anything happened other than the 'newness' of the pavements. Sure it took 3 years but they rebuilt better than before. I see this as a possible new beginning for Haiti. As for annexure . . Jesus Jeff. One more thing for the right wing to berate Obama about? Adopting a third world, poverty stricken nation . . Sorry still no comment on that charade that you people call football! Hehe . . there, there . . don't sulk. Baseball season isn't too far away.
@Tom . .knew you'd miss hangman! So did I

Brian Miller said...

haha. hahaha. hahahaha. sorry, a little maniacal laughter for my friends in baltimore. maybe they should root for the colts now.

haiti...i just wonder how long passed the crisis the attntion will be there...just saying, we often forget when its not in our faces.

JeffScape said...

@ Tom - I'm supporting the Colts for now, but will root for the Saints (Drew Brees, you know) if they make it to the big game. As far as Haiti, it's a misnomer that the Dominican Republic is that well off. I spent a few months there a while back, and it certainly has a way to go itself.

@ Baino - I don't think Haiti is anywhere near the same class of nation that the three you mentioned are. I would like to believe that Haiti can undergo a renaissance, but it will not be able to do so without heavy international meddling. If such is the case, why not annex? The US has annexed many poverty-stricken territories in its history. Nothing wrong with one more, in my opinion. Concerning American football, it has long been the most casualty-inducing widespread sport in the world... so I think those "other" footballs are the charade. ;)

@ Brian - figured you'd be happy. Heh. I think as a people, we'll forget, but aid will pour into Haiti from the US whether or not the people are worried about it. It's a strange dichotomy of our government, but it happens.

She Writes said...

Interesting thoughts on Haiti, now you need some political sway with people in high places. I'd support it :).

Kate Hanley said...

Never thought about annexing Haiti but your argument makes sense. Can't weigh in on football though, I only find out what the Eagles are doing and then check out. Not a huge fan.

Bitsy said...

I think losing the game fried all your brain cells. Annexing Haiti?

Chuck P. said...

I hadn't considered annexation but you may be right. Man, what a mess. And probably a mess we will never live to see reconciled.

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