Friday, July 31, 2009

Musings of Repetitive Writing

Well, that was quit a tear... easily the most prolific two months of writing I've had in a very long time, and certainly the most prolific two months of writing I've ever had concerning online stuff. Admittedly, the run started a little forced, then extracurricular experiences started providing more and more blatant motivation. Inspiration hit and I decided to try something new... "painting with words" as a friend so disdainfully describes it (I call 'em "Rorschachs," since their interpretations are clearly meant to be subjective)... and I think that's when I hit my stride.

That stated, my writing's still far from perfect, and I'm thinking I need to return to more conventional forms. I'm also not a big fan of repetition in writing, whether that repetition be words, tone, theme, etc. The best writers mix things up, and mix things up with relative ease. In rereading much of my recent crap, I've noticed a few things I kept coming back to: dancing, falling, flying, memory, moment, nostalgia, swimming... stuff like that. All fine and dandy in and of themselves, but dangerous when overused. Imagery is never so ineffective as when it becomes painful cliche. Too often poetry and prose starts to resemble itself.


Pointless Personal Musings

Looks like a return to the Army is in the cards for me. I've always felt I got out with too much unfinished business and I've finally received some much needed encouragement to go finish it. Some hurdles to reentry await, however... we'll just have to wait and see how the race unfolds.

The "dramatique" portion of my life has ebbed. The water is once again safe to swim in.

See? I just used "swimming." Argh.

For some odd reason, and I believe I may have mentioned this elsewhere, I've developed a fear of flying over the past few years. Maybe it's just me, but I can't think of a better cure for that than to jump out of piece of shit Air Force planes again.

No, that flying/falling reference was unintentional.

This one isn't: nostalgia really can lead to euphoria. I'd even claim it's the best way to go about life. It unlocks happy memories and shines a light on perspectives, perceived and prospected. There's a little alliteration for you.

As caught up with keeping in touch I tend to be, I can safely state that there are people no longer in my life that I will not miss. Cancers that don't kill you are meant to be excised, and that they've been.

I will, however, sorely miss my three dogs and two cats. Hopefully their absence will only be temporary. Loyalty, even from those not human, can never be undervalued.

Lyric of the day: "I'm like the wind in the canyon. I'm there, then I'm gone in a second."


Wings said...

All good stuff there, indeed. Hope the return works out for the best, if it is what you want. Also hope the creative burst isn't as temporary as you seem to think it is. Just keep on churning it out, good or bad.

And sometimes pets (dogs mostly, hah!) can be closer than some family.

jean said...

Quite prolific, indeed. It took me a while the other day to catch up. I hope your military endeavor pans out nicely for you. Keep writing, I miss it when you don't.

Bitsy said...

Definitely your best work over a period of time that I've seen. Honesty x creativity x communication.

ick said...

I often find myself in the same repetitive slump. Sure you've had some repetition in your themework, but it hasn't been so obvious yet as to be annoying.

Ever since you've been out, there has been a pull for you to return; it's so strong, it's palpable. At least to me, it is.

Keep up the writing, stay on this new path, and know how great your life can be (and was) without the dramatique!

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