Monday, December 29, 2008

End of Year Conspiracies

I have recently uncovered some conspiracies. They are all true. I have the evidence. I swear.

1. Pepsi is owned by Colombian drug lords. They were going to buy Coca-Cola instead, but thought it too obvious.

2. The Bush family selected their last name so they could remember the area to aim for when having sex. Apparently, some of their ancestors were "challenged."

3. Barbie left Ken for a simple reason: she already got his rib and he has no balls. Why wouldn't she?

4. 2000 Flushes was created by women to expose men with a lower sense of humor. Yellow and blue make green make dumb pissing guy laugh.

5. Barack Obama's real name is Benedict Arnold, but he "ethnicized it" in order to pull votes and keep people from asking questions about his past. Not sure that worked...

6. A woman's anus is right next to her vagina in order to prove how disgusting men are. And how much they like being disgusting. Love it, in fact. Oh, yeah.

7. Global Warming started out as a secret government project intent on preventing an encroaching ice age. Only they fucked up, and like a typical government screw up, decided to guilt the populace into taking the blame for it.

8. Circumcision was made popular because Abraham's wife decided she didn't like getting foreskin stuck in her teeth.

9. NASA's decision to send a chimp into space first was actually an attempt to convince the Soviet Union that the Space Race wasn't worth the effort. They were trying to imply that "hey, a chimp can do it; what's the big deal?" It failed miserably.

10. The real man behind the JFK assassination was


Anonymous said...

Har har. Number 8 made me gag more than a little and number 10 makes you an ass.

Posted by Jessica Lynn on December 30, 2008 - Tuesday - 10:17 AM

Anonymous said...

*snicker* I love dirty man humor.

Posted by **JEAN** on December 30, 2008 - Tuesday - 11:41 AM

Anonymous said...

6 has made the phrase "it slipped" one of the top phrases of human history. Also one of the most common lies :-)

Posted by Introspective Prophesier on December 31, 2008 - Wednesday - 7:59 PM

Anonymous said...

1. That's a good one. I once thought that they were both actually the same company, divisions kept separate to avoid attention. That way, they can "compete" all they want and still make money. I thought it would be brilliant.

3. I'm sure getting half of the estate helped...

Posted by Geoffry on January 4, 2009 - Sunday - 5:14 PM

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