Sunday, September 23, 2007

One Win, Two Loss-Inspired Pointless Musings

The Chargers certainly looked better this game, even though they still lost. Run offense and run defense are still no-shows.

Has Hollywood lost the ability to film actually passenger airplanes for movies? Or do producers and directors really think that expensive computer-generated images convince the audiences that they're seeing a real airplane?

Can you guess the big missing piece of the Chargers defense? He wore 59, and his name is Donnie Edwards. Despite the presence of Jamal Williams and Marlon McCree, there is no true leader on the Chargers defense. Williams seems more of the engine type, not the driver, and McCree hasn't been a Charger long enough. I say sign Junior Seau back from the Patriots and let him groom someone for two years.

Why isn't Jordanna Brewster in more movies?

Anybody else notice that Donnie Wahlberg is a better actor than Mark Wahlberg? Not that Mark Wahlberg sucks, but Donnie is just better.

I'm getting a lot of "an Army Marine Corps is a bad idea" messages, but to this date, not one single person has offered a specific, legitimate reason why. Many offer no reasons at all.

I love the movie Munich. Love it. That being stated, the ending was rather odd, and Spielberg did history and his film's protagonist a great disservice by not depicting the misidentified Arab that was killed by the Mossad operation in real life.

I haven't seen a film in a theater for weeks. I'm having withdrawals.

I ran out of Nicorette gum. I'm having withdrawals.

I haven't had a drop of alcohol in weeks. I'm not having withdrawals.

Vote Clint Eastwood in '08.

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